Hybrid e-commerce solution

It is fantastic because it is
Custom, Turn-key & Affordable

The origin

We built an awesome alternative
to no-code & open-source
e-commerce systems

We spent years using popular systems to build online shops, but clients always had to compromise due to their limitations.

So, we decided to create the perfect solution that tackles the issues shop owners face with those e-commerce systems:

  • Limited customization options
  • Self-creation process
  • Commission based pricing
  • Bugs & Maintenance

What We Do?

We developed a user-centric
e-commerce system


You call the shots!

You no longer have to make any compromises.
We bring your unique features and one-of-a-kind designs to life, just for you


Sit back & relax!

We take full responsibility designing, coding, and populating your shop with your amazing products, all based on your preferences.


Don't break the bank!

CitrOnline is designed to make customization and support more affordable than ever before. It is as flexible as an e-commerce system built from scratch, but it costs a whole lot less!

How it works?

The core

The core version of CitrOnline e-commerce system is simple yet poweful.

It includes product pages, category pages, a cart & checkout system, one payment method, the email notifications system, the member area for customers, a CMS to manage your orders & your content and more...

We also have a standard design template that you can use to start.

TOGETHER we define the scope of work.
YOU create/collect/provide the website's content
WE create the pages' design, work on the programming, input the initial content into the system, and host the website on our servers.

The system is 100% scalable. You will never need to change your ecommerce system because you are limited by the technology you chose.
You can start with the core version and add widgets one by one when you need new features.

We have 30+ widgets that we already developed and that are ready to be added to the core.
If our widget catalog doesn't cover your need, we develop custom widgets for your project.

The widgets More info

We developed 30+ widgets you can choose to add to your shop.

Payment: Stripe, Paypal, Ecpay
Shipping: Fedex, T-cat, Convenience store pick-up
Promotion: Voucher system, Reward points, Abandonned cart, Product add-on, Product bundles...
Statistics: Sales, turnover, locations, product references, payment methods...
Notifications: Automatic emails are sent when a new product is posted, restock emails to registered customers, ...
Product: Combined product variations, composed products, "Buy now" button...
User experience: Wishlist, Newsletter signup, step by step checkout, social media purchase

And much more...

All the widgets we offer were developed by us based on the requirements of our core e-commerce system.

We have full control over the way the widget works so we can bring adjustements to make the solution a perfect fit for your activity.

Modules that involve a third party (Paypal, Ecpay, Mailchimp, Stripe, Fedex) were developed based on the APIs available.

Because CitrOnline vore system was devleoped in-house, our widgets are always up to date and compatible with one another

No more widget conflicts or shop that goes dark because you made an update.

Our solution is fully managed, so when an update is needed, we are in charge of it.

The Customizations

If you don't want to use our standard design, we can create a unique design for your shop.

You have 2 options:

You provide us with design mockups for every single page of the website. We work on turning those mockups into clean code and connecting it to our ecommerce system.
You give us carte blanche to create the perfect design for your brand's e-commerce.

If you do not find what you need within our 30+ available widgets, we develop the feature you need

There are no limitations to the kind of widget we can develop. For example, we have been developing custom widgets to connnect our e-commerce system to the client's CRM and ERP systems.

The e-commerce system we deliver comes with a CMS to manage the content of your shop as well as the orders you receive.

A common issue with pre-built and no-code e-commerce systems is that they are heavy and cluttered. You probably don't use more than 20% fo the features available.

The CMS system we deliver is customized to what you plan on using. We discard what's not necesarry and develop what you need.

Happy clients

Some of the wonderful brands
we worked with


Don't see an answer to your question?
Send us an email

It is both.

The core: project-based, one time payment
The widgets: subscription based, recurring payment every month or every year
The customizations: Project based, one time payment
Hosting & manintenance: Free the 1st year then subscription based, recurring payment every month or every year

The cost breakdown is as follows:

The core: Fixed pricing: NTD 98,000
The widgets: Each widget has its own pricing. Please refer to the module page for more information.
The customizations: The price varies depending on the customization you need.
Hosting & manintenance: NTD 1,950/month from the 2nd year of activity

Yes, you can definitely use your own domain name.
CitrOnline does not offer domain name registration services.
We recommend using Namecheap for domain name registration.

No, you don't.

CitrOnline team is in charge of elaborating the design, writing the code and filling in the inital content of your shop.

You only need to provide us with the raw content of your website (texts/images/videos).

If you prefer to have your graphic designer to work on creating design mockups for the website, that's also an option.
We will work on integrating your design into your shop.


CitrOnline hosts your shop on VPS servers around the globe.

The first year of hosting is free of charge.


We commit to provide you with an account manager who will manage and follow up with your project from start to finish.


Maintenance & troubleshooting is free for the 1st year of activity.
The warranty includes the fixing of any bug that may be experienced on the system after delivery.

We define together the scope of work
We provide a detailed quotation
You make the 1st payment (50% of total amount)
You provide the shop's content (texts + medias)
We work on the design and the programming
We deliver a draft version of your website on a staging url
You review our work and list down the modfications you need (2 rounds of modifications included)
We implement the modifications you need and deliver the final version of the website on the staging url
You make the final payment (50% remaining)
We publish your shop on its official url

It takes 1 month to have your shop up and running if you only need the core and some widgets.

If you need customizations, it takes longer.
The development time will be specified in the quotation we send to you.

The short answer is no

We developed CitrOnline's e-commerce system from scratch so that we are able to build any features you want and that we did not develop yet.

We can create features from scratch or based on an API in order to connect your shop to your favorite partners.

CitrOnline system is developed using PHP for the back-end and javascript for dynamic parts of the front-end.

We used popular frameworks to streamline our work and enhanced security.

We combined Laravel framework and Vue.js framework to offer a top-notch e-commerce solution.

More customizations
+ Better design
+ Increased support

= More sales