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Display a "subscribe to newsletter" field that automatically adds subscribers to your Mailchimp contact list.

Reward points

Give points to customers for each order they make. Points can then be exchanged for a voucher.

Gift card

Customer can add a gift card and key-in a text for a price you define.


Create vouchers that apply in certain conditions you define. Vouchers are automatically displayed in the cart depending on customer status and items added to the cart.

Bundle products

Provide discount to customers who add to cart 2 or more specific products you define as a bundle from the CMS.

Volume & value discount

Provide discount when the total cart amount reaches a specific threshold or when customer purchases a specific quantity of a product.

Free product

Give away a specific product from your catalog when certain conditons are met.

Email blast

The system automatically sends emails to your customer database whenever you create a new promotion or post a new product.

Abandoned cart

Send an email to customers who left their cart without making a purchase, providing them with the opportunity to retrieve their abandoned items and benefit from a unique voucher.

Affiliate marketing

Incentivize partnering websites and accounts by offering a percentage of the sales they generate through referrals.


Payment by Ecpay

Offer credit card, ATM transfer and Apple pay payment options

*For Taiwan only

Payment by Line pay

Offer payments with Line pay balance and credit card

Payment by Stripe

Offer credit card payment, Alipay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, Click to Pay, WeChat Pay

Payment by Paypal

Offer Paypal account credit and/or credit card payment option

Payment by Apple pay

Allow clients to pay with their Apple pay wallet.

Pay on delivery

Allow clients to pay for their goods when they go to pick-up their package at the convenience store of their choice.

*For Taiwan only


Convenience store pick up

Customers can choose to pick-up their package in a nearby convenience store. 7-eleven, Family mart, Hi-life, Ok-mart available.

*For Taiwan only

Delivery by Fedex

Gives you access to the full range of Fedex delivery features: Real time rates, several shipping options, automatic order forwarding, generate shipping labels.

Delivery by T-cat

Gives you access to the full range of T-cat delivery features: Room temp or refrigerated shipping, automatic order forwarding, shipping labels generation.

*For Taiwan only

Delivery date selection

Let customer choose when they wish to be delivered. You can set from the CMS the available delivery dates and a minimum number of days between order and delivery.

User experience


Allow your visitors to create a wishlist that they can save for later and share with others.

Buy now

Allow customer to skip the cart page and go directly to the checkout.


Create your shop in multiple languages.

Saved addresses

Allow your customers to save multiple shipping addresses in their personal account area. This way, when they proceed to checkout, they can effortlessly select one of their saved addresses to ship their order to.

Order cancellation

Customers can cancel their order within a certain timeframe you define.

Guest checkout

Visitors can make a purchase without creating an account.


Visitors can create an account even though they do not complete a purchase.


Customers who made a purchase can leave a review for the product.
Website admin is then notified and can choose to publish the review or to disregard it.

Live chat

The integration of Tidio chat tool enables you to promptly attend to your customers' inquiries and leverage them as effective selling arguments.


Don't miss any sales by offering chatbot support to your visitors who need more details to close the deal.

360 product view

Showcase your product in an immersive and interactive way.

Social network login

Let your visitors create an account using their Facebook, Google, or Twitter account.

Order management

Export orders

Export all your orders and related information into an excel table within a specific time range.


The system generates a comprehensive invoice for each order you receive. Invoices can be downloaded in .pdf.

E-invoice by ecpay

Customers automatically receive a government issued receipt by email a few days after purchase

*For Taiwan only

Product management

Composed products

Create product pages for products that need to be composed by the customer himself.
Ex: Choose 12 chocolate tastes for a 12 chocolates box.

Stock management

Inform stock for every product reference you have. Includes low stock notifications and pre-order feature.

Import product

Import and publish your products in a few clicks by uploading an excel database into the system.

RFQ mode

Instead of purchasing the products they add to cart, your customer send you a quotation request with all the information you need.

Data feed

Synchronize your shop\'s product catalog with your Facebook, Google and Twitter shops.

System management


Access to a whole new section in the admin where you can see all sales data by time range, product ref, product category, customer location, ...

User management

Create/add/delete new system users and use roles to give access to limited parts of the CMS.


Make your shop GDPR compliant to start selling in Europe.

Content management


Whole blog section including categorization and several post types: Short news, Video news, Article.

Page manager

Self-edit EVERY piece of content on ALL the pages of your website.

Physical store search

Display your physical stores into an interactive Google map to bridge the gap between your online and offline presence.